Manufacturing Connection April Newsletter

  • Manufacturing Connection April Newsletter

    Manufacturing Connection April Newsletter

    A Letter from the Director


    Making Headway


    The Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS) is committed to supporting manufacturers. One of LCTCS’ initiatives is to train a successful workforce. The system office works with each individual community college to create relevant, timely programs and services that address their specific industry needs. The MEP of LA continues to work with LCTCS and the colleges to reach out and work with manufacturers state-wide. The search is ongoing for project managers to be located at the following colleges:


    • Central Louisiana Technical Community College
    • SOWELA Technical Community College


    Please visit for job descriptions and directions to apply.


    The recently published IMPACT score is at its highest level in five years, which is a testament to the great work being accomplished by our team members. Over the past four quarters, we worked with more than 80 manufacturers, mostly “new” clients. Moreover, the surveyed manufacturers reported the following:


    ·        More than 45 Million in Retained Sales
    ·        More than 16 Million in New Sales
    ·        More than 1,300 Created and Retained Jobs
    ·        More than 18 Million in New Investments
    ·        More than 10 Million in Cost Savings
    ·        More than 93% in Improved Competitiveness
    ·        A Net Promoter Score® greater than 90%


    Additionally, over the past four quarters, we worked with more than 30 very small establishments with less than 20 employees, more than 10 clients in rural areas, and more than 10 startup companies.


    In 2017, the MEP of LA was awarded a grant to conduct free assessments to manufacturers in the 12-impacted parishes under Hurricane Harvey. We have added a page to our website with solutions for the entire affected market with access to common problems and possible outcomes. Please visit to learn more.


    Earlier this year, we partnered with other MEP Centers and Site Selection magazine to put together an article on the state of the manufacturing climate in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. Please visit to read a recently published article that summarizes the answers by different state manufacturing experts. The experts answered questions related to “manufacturing mood”, common challenges faced by manufacturers, strategies promoted by MEP centers, and the most effective ways to help manufacturers locate and acquire the talent that they need.


    I, and the rest of the MEP of LA team, look forward to continuing our work with manufacturers across Louisiana, who are working each day to make a difference in the lives of our communities, state, country and world through innovative products, value-added processes, and economic impact.


    Dr. Ali Ahmad, Director


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