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ISO Implementation Creates New Investment Opportunities

Company Profile

Founded in 1986, Mid South Extrusion is the leading North American supplier of converting and processing films for industrial packaging markets.  Located in Monroe, Louisiana, Mid South Extrusion manufactures mono-layer and multi-layer blown films in a variety of configurations: sheeting, bags on a roll, tubing, and vents.  The films can be used in lamination substrates, lawn and garden, retail, mailer films, multi-wall bags, and other applications.  The company’s dedication to “converting ideas into film” continues today with their ExtrudTuff™ family of films, and the growth of their team and facility.  With 130+ employees on site, their expansive campus houses manufacturing, warehousing, and office space.


In June 2017, the MEP of Louisiana held a Lunch & Learn Event in partnership with Louisiana Delta Community College in Monroe, Louisiana on the topic of the ISO 9001:2015 Transition.  Mid South Extrusion’s Quality Assurance Manager, Tim Frost, was in attendance and showed interest once the presentation was complete.  The MEP of Louisiana contacted third party, TQM Systems, to conduct the ISO Quality Management System Implementation. 


MEP of Louisiana Director, Dr. Ali Ahmad, worked with Mickey Christensen of TQM Systems to develop milestones for the ISO System Implementation.  Once the deliverables were outlined, the project began and systems were put in place for the client to be ready for a certification audit. Once the ISO work began, Mid South Extrusion also became interested in food safety markets as well to expand the business into food packaging.  With interest of a food safety certification, Mid South Extrusion reached out to Dr. Ali Ahmad once more to see who would be the best contact for this endeavor.  Dr. Ali Ahmad reached out to the Iowa MEP knowing their work with the Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS) in relation to the food packaging and certification industry.

  • Client is Now ISO Certified
  • Cost Savings
  • Increased and retained Jobs
  • Created new food grade production line, facility & warehouse
  • Increased and Retained Sales
“The success of these quality management and globally recognized food systems will allow Mid South Extrusion to breach into new markets, further supporting continuous improvement and growth for years to come. MEP has been a valued partner, aligning us with the resources needed to achieve our goals of ISO9001:2015 and FSSC22000 certification.”

--- Tim Frost, Quality Assurance Manager


Although the ISO Implementation is currently ongoing, the client has already experienced an abundance of impact from the project.  The food safety work coupled with ISO certification (both starting through the MEP of Louisiana) is enabling Mid South Extrusion to invest in a new food-grade production line and associated processes.


Increased/retained jobs


Increased/retained sales