How We Work Together


LCTCS MEP of LA understands the challenges facing the manufacturing industry. Our team of experts stands ready to help you overcome those challenges and identify opportunities for success.  

We have developed a wide range of services, training, and initiatives that help our clients drive competitiveness, profitability, and growth in a global marketplace.

  • Needs Assessment. We visit your site, listen to your concerns, evaluate operations, and customize projects to meet your goals.
  • Plan Development.  Using the information from your assessment, we’ll develop a customized strategic plan to enhance the productivity and technological performance of your business.
  • Training. Depending on your needs, we'll teach your team specific tools and strategies to meet your goals.  LCTCS MEP of LA also offers events and workshops on a variety of topics throughout the year.
  • Implementation. Our managers walk you through the project plan . . . connecting you with our network of partners and resources to make sure you meet your goals.
  • Evaluation. We'll get together and take a look at both financial and operational impacts to measure results.

Your regional MEP representative can provide a FREE CLIENT ASSESSMENT + RECOMMENDATIONS that utilize LCTCS MEP of LA services to generate results.



  • Business Growth

    Prepare your business to expand, evolve and discover new customers—through market research, new product development, or using creative strategies to expand and develop your work force.

  • Business Improvement

    Optimize productivity and operational efficiency throughout your company using proven strategies like Lean, Six Sigma and Industry 4.0; reduce waste, conserve energy & improve sustainability.

  • Risk Mitigation

    Analyze your company’s exposure for a wide range of potential risks—whether it be a natural disaster or cybersecurity breach—and put quality measures and continuity planning in place for resiliency.