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"The professional sale sheet and exhibition display has been a valuable asset in creating awareness and marketing my product, thus driving sales. In the food industry, the best way to get people to become aware of your product and to have repeat business is by tasting it and word of mouth. I could not attend expo shows without the professional attractive pieces to draw people into the booth. Thank you MEPOL for giving cost savings and expertise to a small startup business such as myself."

—Kristie Buford, Owner, Your Way Cuisines


YourWayCuisines logoCompany Profile

Kristie Buford, founder of Your Way Cuisines, was initially diagnosed at age 21 with severe asthma. From there on, over the last seventeen years she has had many hospital stays and has suffered tremendously from this autoimmune disease with no resolve from normal asthma medication protocol. Because she did not show the typical outward signs of food allergies, doctors were hesitant to test her for them. However, after much convincing, Kristie was tested only to find out she was allergic to wheat and tested positive for Celiac Disease, upon which, her internist suggested a gluten-free diet.

After beginning a gluten-free diet, Kristie began feeling better after only one week. She had less fatigue and eventually her asthma attacks lessened. Today, Kristie has been gluten-free for over 6 years and her asthma and Celiac symptoms have greatly improved. She spent a lot of time trying various products and combinations of ingredients. She learned what both tastes best and works best when preparing Cajun style meals. Her extensive research and preparing foods through trial and error led her to create the best gluten-free roux as a replacement for traditional flour-based roux.

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The Challenge

Kristie recognized the need and importance of branded marketing. After successfully choosing a new business logo, Kristie was ready to pursue branded materials for product appearances. This was to be part of the long term plan to push sales through retailers and attend expo events.  Kristie contacted MEPOL to set up a meeting where goals could be discussed and a plan would be developed.

The Role of MEPOL & Partners

MEPOL’s project manager, Rebecca Scherff, met with Kristie Buford and discussed the need for printed pieces that would do a thorough and careful job of presenting her gluten-free roux products. Kristie understood that  in marketing, appearance and looking professional is very important. So MEPOL partnered with one of their third-party providers, eBell Design, to design and create sales sheets and exhibition displays to successfully promote and acquire new sales.

The Results

The professionally designed marketing literature has allowed growth in sales to grocery retailers, distributors and retail customers.

  • Participated as a vendor in The Louisiana Restaurant Association Expo where the exhibition display has attracted many potential buy
  • Picked up over 20 additional grocery retail locations and many commercial leads ranging from New Orleans to Houston, TX
  • Signed on to distribute to 11 Rouse’s and are currently discussing putting our gluten-free roux into all 43 locations and future stores
  • Looking to expand production in the near future with a co-packing agreement


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