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Competitiveness Review Leads to Business Growth

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The Electro Medical Equipment (EME) Company is a textile manufacturer that produces hospital and personal use products that are used in labor and delivery, ambulatory monitoring, EKG, general hospital use, personal ID and personal security.  EME Company manufactures products including holter and telemetry pouches, fetal belts, infant caps, ice packs and circumcision straps at their Baton Rouge facility.  As a veteran owned company, EME is proud to manufacture products at their own facility.  With a current ISO 9001:2015 certification, their products are held to the highest quality standards and are manufactured for direct sales as well as OEM products for distributors, equipment manufacturers and IDNs.


Owner Leonard Carmouche, a previous member of the MEP of Louisiana Advisory Board, had utilized the MEP of Louisiana for several projects in the past.  MEP of Louisiana Business Development Director Scott Uffman contacted Carmouche with knowledge of the partnership.  Carmouche referred Uffman to Cydney Severio, EME’s General Manager, who was interested in the MEP of Louisiana performing a Competitiveness Review Assessment to measure their operations and performance against globally competitive criteria.


MEP of Louisiana Operations Director, Dr. Ali Ahmad, performed a Competitiveness Review Assessment along with Project Manager Dan Stumper.  The Competitiveness Review Assessment reviewed the company’s systems, not individual performance.  MEP of Louisiana staff discussed and identified individuals to speak to throughout the day, toured the manufacturing facility to follow the path taken by a typical order and followed up with a discussion with the leadership team.

  • Abundance of impact
  • New sales
  • Cost savings
  • New products
  • New investments
“By going through the questionnaire and interview process for the Competitiveness Review, EME was able to look at the business from different perspectives. This outlook allowed our staff to focus on various areas of the business and identify low-hanging fruits. EME was able to improve its bottom line based on the goals set from the Competitiveness Review.”

--- Cydney Severio, General Manager


After completing the questionnaire, the on-site assessment and receiving the assessment report from the MEP of Louisiana team, the client experienced an abundance of impact from the project. The results of the project included a comprehensive benchmarking report that contained information collected on-site, analytical data from the on-line questionnaire and MEP of Louisiana’s recommendations for the client’s consideration.  The client is looking forward to ongoing business growth as a result of the implementation of MEP of Louisiana’s recommendations.


New Sales


Cost savings


Increased/retained jobs


New products


New investments


Increased/retained sales