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Needs Assessment Leads to Transformational Business Growth and Awarded Funding

Company Profile

BetaFlix is a next level technology-based company that is going the extra mile to teach tomorrow’s workforce.  As a manufacturer of 3D Animation Videos, 3D Interactive Simulations and Interactive Learning Platforms, BetaFlix provides comprehensive, personalized instruction to its client base with what they are calling A2Z tools.  By offering “smart training”, A2Z allows an authorized trainer to create training materials based on converted modules that can then be assigned to end users for training/testing who will move through the system based on test results.  The system is driven by A2Z Smart Training technology which controls and improves training materials based on user input.  The content has been developed with real life job relevance/relatedness and technical accuracy is confirmed by review of customer experts.


After a longstanding client relationship, Project Manager Miriam Russell met with BetaFlix’s Chief Operating Officer, Sree Sanakam to discuss business challenges the company was experiencing.  After providing a Needs Assessment, it became clear Mr. Sanakam was in need of a trained workforce as well as trained technical writers to complete grant work for more financial support.


After evaluating BetaFlix’s needs through the Needs Assessment, Russell has been able to transform the company’s operations with multiple strategies to include introducing a Business Strategy focused on identifying key business needs and developing additional sales channels,  developing a training program and structure through an e-Learning Grant, and assisting in the grant application for a AFWERX Challenge Grant through the US Air Force.

  • Strategize for multiple grants
  • Ideas for their on-going Business Strategy
  • e-Learning Grant resulted in purchasing of training for clients
  • New Products
  • Cost Savings
“It is a great blessing that we had LDCC MEPOL Project Manager Miriam Russell on board to steer us in the right direction in the grants process.”

—Sree Sanakam, Chief Operating Officer


Russell was able to consult with the company, assist in the preparation and strategy for multiple grants and is still working on their on-going Business Strategy. The e-Learning Grant Russell became aware of through the LCTC System to address learning issues during the COVID-19 Pandemic, resulted in a $30,000 purchase order for remote welding training for the client.   The client is looking forward to ongoing business growth as a result of the implementation of MEP of Louisiana’s recommendations and financial applications.


Increased/retained sales


Cost savings


Increased/retained jobs


New products


New investments