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Competitiveness Review Assessment Guides Manufacturer through Business Plan Strategy

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Alta Max has been a manufacturer and distributor for specialty packing (commercial and military applications) and tamper indicative security seals since 2001. Alta Max has also been a niche provider in manufacturing specialty packaging for munitions. The company has built their reputation by providing prompt delivery of ordered items, short lead times, quality products, outstanding customer support, and fair pricing.

Their 44,000 square foot facility in New Orleans houses their specialty packaging and security products. The security products division has grown to be one of the largest suppliers in the US with over 200 different styles and over 3,000,000 seals in inventory.


MEP of Louisiana Project Manager, Dan Stumper, met with Alta Max’s Vice President Kevin Vorisek to discuss business challenges the company was experiencing. After gathering information on the company, Stumper concluded Alta Max was already in the process of developing a Strategic Business Plan. When completed, the plan would be shared with all employees.

For short term, the company was ultimately in search of high net margins and greater operational efficiencies while optimizing labor costs and developing additional product lines. Alta Max also established a long-term plan to grow the business in sales.


After conducting the formal assessment of the Competitiveness Review with the company, Stumper found Alta Max had many different areas that proved to be very profitable to help the company grow and prosper. The Competitiveness Review is a nationally recognized assessment tool that provides an on-site, systematic evaluation of a manufacturer’s business measuring operations and performance against globally competitive criteria. Ultimately it was discovered Alta Max was in need of the following:

  • Continuation of the development of the strategic business plan
  • Increase in sales and marketing efforts
  • Market research
  • Customer review implementation
  • Lean manufacturing tool implementation such as Lean 101, 5S training and Value Stream Mapping
“The consultation and recommendations that were proposed have been and are being implemented throughout our company. Dan made us focus on and bring to the forefront things that we have had as concerns about individually, but can now concentrate on as a unit.”

—Kevin Vorisek, Vice President


As a result of Stumper’s recommendations following the Competitiveness Review assessment, the company has implemented several of the tools listed above. The experience, insight and guidance offered by Project Manager Dan Stumper has helped the company create a clear path to success. The client is looking forward to ongoing business growth as a result of the implementation of MEP of Louisiana’s recommendations.


Increased/retained sales


Cost savings


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New products


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