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Research & Development Assistance Yields Prototyping B2B Success




Company Profile

Aroma Flame Candles does one thing and they do it to the best of their ability: all-natural candle manufacturing. Not only does this ensure a high-quality product, but also long lasting and incredible freshness. They hand pour all of their all-natural candles, the old fashion way in measurable batches using essential oils and all-natural soy wax.  The company takes great pride in the fact that their products are blended, poured, and packaged by hand.  They believe that a candle should accomplish several things when it is lit, i.e., burn clean, burn evenly, and is healthy in the process.  The secret to Aroma Flame Candles’ success is their proprietary blend of waxes.  The company has developed these unique blends that ensure the maximum saturation of fragrance.  The Baton Rouge located manufacturer ultimately produces candles that are all-natural and non-toxic, clean burning, longer lasting, stronger smelling and a sustainable resource!


BRCC MEPOL Project Manager Justin Dedden and LCTCS MEPOL Project Manager Dan Stumper performed a COVID-19 Detailed Assessment on Aroma Flame Candles in January 2021.  The assessment revealed Aroma Flame Candles’ revenue was largely reliant on trade shows and face-to-face marketing.  As a result of the pandemic, those types of opportunities had essentially vanished.  Aroma Flame Candles was in need of a new marketing strategy as well as B2B prototyping assistance.


After understanding the company’s needs through the COVID-19 Detailed Assessment, the MEP of Louisiana recommended increasing the online presence of Aroma Flame Candles. After reviewing the client’s current digital marketing practices and understanding their current business impacts and needs, BRCC set up a brand consultation meeting with a third-party marketing consultant located in Baton Rouge.  The consultant reviewed the company’s brand and online presence and made recommendations for a retargeted website presence, new logo, and brand strategy.

The company also has a patent on their product that is used to assist in the wicking of candles.  This product needed to be prototyped and eventually manufactured.  The MEP of Louisiana was able to establish a connection with an existing Baton Rouge MEP of Louisiana client and local Research & Development company, InvenTherm, to assess the feasibility of the product and research manufacturing methods through the Sourcing Strategy project also conducted by the MEP of Louisiana in March 2021.  The efforts were focused on a new candle wicking prototype for new business development opportunities for Aroma Flame Candles. 

  • Increased jobs
  • Cost savings
  • New product manufacturing equipment & digital marketing campaigns
  • New market
  • 8 new fragrance lines
“As a small business facing the effects of COVID-19, after reestablishing the business due to the 2016 flood, we are so grateful to having partners and friends like the MEP of LA. They have made our extremely difficult times, much more bearable. In our initial visit they performed a business needs assessment and discovered the pain points in our business. Through their careful evaluation, programs, and organizational expertise, they have enabled Aroma Flame Candles to breathe again".

—Byron Alexander, Owner


Cost savings


Increased/retained jobs


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