Announcing MEPOL Webinars!

  • Announcing MEPOL Webinars!

    Announcing MEPOL Webinars!

    Written by Kayla Gentry, MEPOL Marketing & Project Coordinator


    Have you ever wanted to learn more about manufacturing and how it pertains to your business, but didn’t have the time to leave your busy facility?


    You’re not alone.


    There are thousands of manufacturers in Louisiana who are working everyday to make the most of their business and products which means it can be challenging to choose what extras to focus on.


    The LCTCS Manufacturing Extension Partnership of Louisiana (MEPOL) is now offering webinars with relevant content for manufacturers.


    Do you hear that?  The sigh of relief of not having to leave your home or office just to get the information you need to help your business?


    Now all you need to do is be on the lookout for our upcoming webinars in your inbox and our social media accounts – it’s that easy!  And what exactly did I mean by relevant? How does it pertain to you and your business?  We’ll start by offering a series on COVID-19 Navigation to include our opening webinar on Cash Flow Management During a Crisis.


    Sound like something you need to know? Join us on June 15th at 2PM to learn more!

    Register here:

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