The Manufacturing Extension Partnership of Louisiana (MEPOL) is a sponsored program of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS) serving Louisiana manufacturers statewide. 

We have experts in house, as well as a statewide network of manufacturing extension agents and partners, to provide a full range of services that focus on productivity, profitability and manufacturing success.

MEP_logo-01smallEstablished in 1997, MEPOL is partially funded by a cooperative agreement with the Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP).



To provide Louisiana manufacturers with value-driven, best-practice solutions.

The experts at MEPOL provide targeted needs assessment, consulting and technical assistance to strengthen and enhance your manufacturing business.  We collaborate with public and private resources to provide smart, innovative and sustainable solutions that allow our clients to work and compete smarter.

Most importantly, MEPOL is rated, graded and funded on impact; we are committed to a high return on investment.


  • An integrated national network
  • Positive impact with measurable results
  • Broad knowledge of state and federal programs
  • Hands-on, impact-driven service delivery
  • Diversified and experienced staff
  • Vetted third-party providers

Our team

Mike Wolff


(337) 482-6767   mike.wolff@mepol.org

As the Director of MEPOL, Mike provides strategic direction to the Center and executes the directives from the Center’s Advisory Board. Mike directs the Center’s day-to-day operations and develops the Center’s competencies. He works to expand the Center’s offerings to produce additional income and provide holistic services to Louisiana’s manufacturers; initiate and develop partnerships with state and local stakeholders; and grow MEPOL’s recognition throughout the state of Louisiana.

Dayna Blanchard

Finance/Deputy Director

(337) 482-6057   dayna.blanchard@mepol.org

Dayna-BlanchardAs the Finance/Deputy Director of MEPOL, Dayna assists the Director in developing the Center’s competencies and directing the Center’s day-to-day operations. She evaluates programs and works on program improvement based on client and staff feedback. She is also responsible for completing and reconciling the Center’s financial reports and documents in accordance with Federal and State accounting standards. She is the Lead Processor for the Center’s quarterly reports and conducts various grant-writing duties, including budget establishment and project closeout. Dayna leads the electronic survey efforts for the Center, monitoring and reporting project completions in NIST’s MEIS System. Dayna also trains staff on the Salesforce CRM system for client management.

Rebecca Scherff

Technical Project Manager

(337) 257-1464   rebecca.scherff@mepol.org

Rebecca-ScherffAs the Center’s Technical Project Director, Rebecca has primary responsibility for ensuring clients’ needs are addressed by Sales Agents and third party Service Providers. As one of only fifty Innovation Engineering Process Black Belts nationwide, Rebecca also provides expert delivery and coaching on the Innovation Engineering Management System and Growth Strategies for manufacturers throughout the state. She helps develop new services for MEPOL using Innovation Engineering techniques. As a degreed Biochemist, Rebecca also performs testing and characterization services for companies nationwide through the Polymers Testing Lab and maintains and operates the FDM Rapid Prototype machine.


Kayla Gentry

Business Marketing Coordinator

(337) 482-5785   kayla.gentry@mepol.org

Kayla-GentryKayla is primarily responsible for establishment, annual update and execution of the Center’s marketing strategy. She documents client success stories, posts Center information on social media, and creates press releases and monthly newsletters sent to clients and partners. She is responsible for all internal project management. She also assists the Finance Director with financial reconciliation and other financial responsibilities as needed.


Connee Byrd

Administrative Assistant

(337) 482-5789   connee.byrd@mepol.org

Connee-ByrdAs the Administrative Assistant, Connee performs the majority of the Center’s administrative functions, including travel documentation; Center correspondence (to clients, partners, and staff); presentations; coordination and documentation of minutes for the Center’s Oversight Board meetings; and seminar/workshop coordination. Connee also prepares training materials, maintains inventory of office supplies and training materials, and updates new partners and third party provider information in Salesforce.