“We are a small manufacturer that competes on a global basis. Services of MEP are vital to our ability to sustain operations and grow. We are deeply appreciative of MEP's existence and the affordable productivity-enhancing services they provide to companies like ours. They enable small companies like ours to leverage limited resources and personnel to grow our products services and customer base.”

—Guy Barone, President

Growth Strategy Consulting Enables Small Company to Grow Product Services and Customer Base

Company Profile

Xenetech began in 1986 just as the computerized engraving machine was emerging as the required tool for professional engravers.  Xenetech plays a leadership role in a visual communication, industrial marking and recognition by supplying the highest quality engraving systems, related products and comprehensive support.  As a manufacturer of computerized and laser engraving machines located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Xenetech proudly provides their industry with the next generation of engraving systems.  The company prides themselves on offering a commitment to their customers from the engraver who designs the software to the technicians who assemble the hardware, the shipper who packs it for shipment, and finally the distributor who trains the customer.


Business Development Manager Scott Uffman met with Xenetech’s President, Guy Barone to discuss business challenges the company was experiencing.  Xenetech needed growth strategies which would result in top line growth.  Mr. Barone was also interested in identifying best practices to increase the company’s likelihood of success in the long run.


After evaluating how the sales team created opportunities and maintained customer relations, Uffman was able to take an advisory, consultative, and collaborative approach.  The long-term coaching relationship included:

  • Examining and developing sales processes
  • Examining market dynamics
  • Identifying competitive opportunities
  • Implementing sales strategies
  • Reviewing the company’s supply chain

Uffman was ultimately able to map out supply challenges and opportunities to improve with Xenetech’s President which has resulted in numerous positive impacts for the company.


After Uffman coached the team where appropriate, he was able to assess the sales organization functions and help the team determine what was and was not working.  He identified hidden revenue blockers for prospects and account growth and was able to assess tools to effectively evaluate sales opportunities, situations and challenges.  The client is looking forward to ongoing business growth as a result of the implementation of MEP of Louisiana’s recommendations.


Increased/retained sales


Cost savings


Increased/retained jobs


New products


New investments


Savings on investments