Manufacturing Connection May Newsletter

  • Manufacturing Connection May Newsletter

    Manufacturing Connection May Newsletter

    A Letter from the Director

    MEP Director Transition and Thank You!

    Thank you to the Louisiana Community & Technical College System (LCTCS) and the State of Louisiana for your support for Louisiana manufacturers. I have enjoyed supporting this mission through my role as Director for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) of Louisiana. After completing one year of service, I have transitioned out of the director role and plan to return to private industry. Dr. Willie Smith, LCTCS Vice President of Training & Business Partnerships, has taken on the added duty as interim director for the MEP of Louisiana.

    When I accepted this role, I quickly realized the integrity, strong work ethic and customer service passion of the current MEP of Louisiana staff. During my year of service, we built on this solid foundation to hire a world class team with Scott Uffman, Dr. Ali Ahmad, and Dan Stumper joining our team. We were able to secure $1 million in additional grant funding to support our mission to drive value and benefits to Louisiana manufacturers. In addition, we were able to ramp up our service and support for Louisiana manufacturers to drive top line and bottom line growth.

    I wish to thank each member of the MEP of Louisiana team for the valuable role you have provided and continue to provide to Louisiana manufacturers. Thank you to Chair Jim Dean and each member of our dedicated Industrial Advisory Board for your leadership, guidance, and passion to help shape an improved vision and mission for the MEP of Louisiana. Thank you to President Dr. Monty Sullivan, Vice President Dr. Willie Smith and LCTCS for hosting the MEP of Louisiana and working to bring the full benefits and value of this organization to Louisiana manufacturers. Thank you to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) MEP for bringing a professional and passionate platform to connect our MEP with the national network of MEPs and innovative technologies and services to benefit Louisiana manufacturers.

    And most important, thank you to our Louisiana manufacturers for working each day to make a difference in the lives of our communities, state, country and world through your innovative products, value-added processes and solid economic impact. Thank you for your continued partnership with the MEP of Louisiana to achieve improved performance and results.

    Mike Wolff, Director

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